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Are you an IT hardware expert looking to take your career to the next level? Fixpapa offers an exciting opportunity for Freelancer Engineers to thrive in their profession while enjoying a host of exclusive benefits.

Daily Earnings: Earn As You Call Attended

From: INR 10K-28K Monthly

Monthly Fixed Perks: Stability in Your Earnings

Starts from: INR 5K-10K Monthly

Access to Affordable Refurbished Hardware: Boost Your Local Sales

Earn upto: INR 5K-25K Monthly

Free Training and Certifications: Enhance Your Skill Set

Earn Extra with skills


    Join us as a Freelancer!

    How can I join Fixpapa as a freelancer?

    Joining Fixpapa as a freelancer is simple. Visit our "Freelancer Signup" page, fill out the registration form, and submit your details. Our team will review your application, and if selected, you'll receive further instructions to complete the onboarding process.

    What types of freelancers does Fixpapa work with?

    Fixpapa collaborates with freelancers across various skill sets, including but not limited to IT support, graphic design, web development, content writing, and more. We welcome talented individuals with diverse expertise to join our network.

    Is there any registration fee to become a Fixpapa freelancer?

    No, Fixpapa does not charge any registration fees for freelancers. Our platform is free to join, allowing talented individuals to connect with clients and showcase their skills without any upfront costs.

    How does Fixpapa ensure the quality of freelancers on its platform?

    Fixpapa maintains a rigorous selection process to ensure the quality of freelancers. We review portfolios, assess skills, and conduct interviews to verify the expertise of each freelancer. This ensures that clients receive high-quality services from our talented pool of freelancers.

    Can I choose the projects I want to work on?

    Yes, as a Fixpapa freelancer, you have the flexibility to choose projects based on your skills, interests, and availability. Our platform allows you to browse through available opportunities and apply for the ones that align with your expertise.

    Perks and Benefits

    Stability meets opportunity with our Monthly Fixed Perks program. Enjoy a predictable source of income, giving you financial stability while maintaining the flexibility of a freelance career. Fixpapa values your dedication, and our Monthly Fixed Perks program is our way of recognizing and appreciating your commitment.

    • Recognition
    • Certification
    • Learning
    • Visibility
    • Sale Goods
    • Networking

    Path to Becoming a Fixpapa Associate: Your Growth Journey

    Outstanding Freelancer Engineers have the chance to ascend to the next level by becoming a Fixpapa Associate. As a Fixpapa Associate, you'll gain access to a broader network of opportunities, expanded resources, and increased earning potential. Your journey with Fixpapa is not just a job; it's a growth partnership.

    Daily Earnings: Earn As You Calls Attended

    Become a Fixpapa Freelancer Engineer and enjoy the flexibility of earning on a daily basis through service calls. Your expertise is valuable, and we believe in rewarding you for your skills and dedication. The more you excel, the more you earn – it's that simple!

    Manish Doi

    Technical Sales & Support Engineer

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